ED&A Mission Statement

It is the goal of ED&A Physical Therapy to create an outstanding environment for the treatment of the patients, feel-good customer service from all associates at every interface with the patients, a facility that is bright, cheerful, well-equipped, and has clinicians who can deliver the best quality professional service and clinical skills to the patients.


ED&A Physical Therapy shall serve as a best practices model for physical rehabilitation in a manner that recognizes the gifts and value that each associate brings to the care delivery system. Physical Therapists and physicians alike shall see this model as the preferred place to treat patients anywhere.


  1. Integrity, honesty, kindness, respect and professional skill in the delivery of services to our patients and each other
  2. Delivery and acquisition of best clinical practice skills.
  3. Rewards to the staff through a compensation system which recognizes the efforts each one has already made and will make toward the accomplishment of the mission of ED&A.
  4. Courtesy in all manner of communication and at all times remembering that in our efforts to provide customer satisfaction second to none, we are all each other's customer.
  5. Leadership at all levels of clinical and business practices.
  6. Sharing of knowledge for the benefit of the services to our patients and to each other.