Fabrication of Custom Shoe Orthotics

The foot and ankle is a complex structure, that, when functioning incorrectly can cause not only ankle and foot pain, but knee, hip and lower back pain. Our team of experts can assess the need for orthotics to correct any biomechanical faults that could be causing your pain. Custom orthotics can be easily created using a foam molding with little or no pain or mess. Your custom orthotics will be ordered and fitted for you within a few weeks. Our therapists will also offer additional instruction on proper break-in of orthotics and exercises that will help you with the transition into orthotics use. All orthotics can be modified within the first six months of purchasing to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Please see additional information regarding the orthotics we use at solesupports.com.

The therapists are also familiar with over-the-counter orthotics and may make recommendations regarding the use of basic orthotics if custom orthotics are not indicated.